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I need to better understand the delay in the AVR and how it actually works, my interpretation of it is that I can try to advance the music /sound coming from the speakers attahced to the amp and further down the line to match that of the speakers directly attahced to the unit so I can eliminate the echo or for lack of a better way to put it, the delay. andy direction here would be much appreciated.
You mentioned having two systems (HT and whole house), Which one are you trying to adjust???

I am not convinced I have my TV and AVR setup properly. I am running all HDMI connections but when I have the TV on and attempt to swith to watch a moviethe receiver seems to have conflict and will not recgnize the DVD player. The AVR unit will actually Show as HDMI2/HDMI2 and then it swtches itself to HDMI2/COAX3, If I turn the TV off and start the movie first then power on the TV it all works fine and picture and sound are awesome.
It seems to me that the setting is not correct, you can check the settings or start from scratch (reset everything and start again) ...Do you have anything connected on Coax 3??? ...It could be the handshake problem too.

If I am in the living room lsitening to music pumped through the ceiling spealkers via the amp, there is a noticiable delay from one roomto the other. as for synching the sound with the tv it does present itself on occasion but not nearly as noticeable.
Can you adjust the delay in your speakercraft amp??? ...that's what you use to power the speakers in the living room, Right???

Can you describe how did you setup everything???
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