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Read the first ten posts of the convergence thread below very carefully.

I cannot tell you what is wrong with your set. I can give you the general information and make general recommendations, but I am not there to troubleshoot nor to know what you may have missed. Test the resistors carefully, use good parts, and understand the adjustments available on your set. Ordering from some place like Electronix is introducing a variable that can seriously complicate a repair. Not thoroughly testing the resistors while the chips are out and the yokes disconnected can result in damaging a new chip. There are many possibilities. I suggest you start from scratch, verify your work very carefully, and work with known reliable suppliers.

I suggest you be patient when asking for help, as well, and read the posting guidelines and rules carefully. It is very clear about when you can post images and links. There are post padding threads if you need to get your post count up.


Again, read the first ten posts above very carefully.
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