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Hello everyone,

This is my first post here, but I have been reading alot in here over the last few weeks.

I am looking to build a sub for computer gaming. This might seem a little extreme, but I play a tank game (yes, I am 49) and I like big sound. I have a SMSL DAC/AMP optically connected to my computer running a pair of Definitive Technologies Pro Monitor 1000's and the sub out from the little amp is connected to a Polk Audio HTS 10" powered subwoofer. The sub does not have the boom that my Klipsh Sub-12 does in my home theater system. My wife has told me to go buy Supercube 6000 or 8000 and I might just end up doing that.

I am an experienced woodworker and have basically a full cabinet shop at home.

My three main considerations are, small size, not overly complicated and low end boom. The advantage for making it is that I can make it an unusual size (i.e. 16" tall x 16" deep x 24" wide in the case of the 12" example to follow).

My four senarios are,

Dayton UM10-22 in a sealed 0.85 cu ft box, F3 of 26.7hz with a 5db boost at 30hz - Simple to make and very small
Dayton UM12-22 in a sealed 2.50 cu ft box, F3 of 24 hz with a 4.5db bost at 27hz - Simple but on the large size
Dayton UM10-22 in a sealed 1.50 cu ft box with two 10" passive radiators, F3 of 22Hz w/no boost - Also not hard, but most expensive
Dayton UM10-22 in a ported 1.80 cu ft box, F3 of 18Hz w/no boost, complicated to make, large room for error with box and port sizing, but not undoable (1.5"x12" slot port needs to be 54" long for a port speed of 36fps at 100 watts/100db or 5" round wants to be 60" long)

My plan was to use the Dayton SPA250DSP amp.

Here are the graphs from WINISD,

I am pretty sure I am overthinking this.

Any ideas how these would compare to my Polk 10" or Klipsh 12"?

Opinions on the four designs?

Thank you,

London, Ontario
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