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I need some help modeling a Clarion SB12XB subwoofer.

I wanted to build a Large vented box.

Sensitivity 82 db
Max. Peak 600 w
Continuous power 300 w
Nominal Impedance 4 ohm
re 3 ohm
Le 1.66 mH
V.C.Diameter 48.5 mm
V.C> Length 15 mm
Air Cap 10mm
Piston Diameter 250mm
sd 390 cm2
Vas 51.7 lt
Fs 35 hz
Qts 0.82
Qes 0.87
Mms 145.83 g
Rms 0.36
Bl 11.98
Displacement 2.5 lt
Xmas 9.50 mm
Magnet Weight 31.32 oz

The drivers are going cheap at local repco store. The recommended box is 2.5 cubic feet.
Fb 29.50 hz
F3 23.00 hz

I will be running a 260 wms plate amp into 4 ohm's with 3db boost at 35 hz.
Its used for 50 / 50 Ht music.
Any thought's would be appreciated.

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A sub with a Xmas of 9.50 mm and an amp with 3 db of boost at 35 hz is a bad combination. Xmax will be reached with 20 watts of power. The graph below assumes a rumble filter at 22 hz so the sub doesn't bottom out. If you really want 50 / 50 Ht music, then sell the Clarion and get something else.

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