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Been searching for threads on how to setup the AM/FM tuners but couldn't find anything.

In the past I took two thin wires and ran them from the "Gnd" and "AM" slots on my receiver - obviously this probably isn't the best way to do this. I'm wondering what the easiest way is to get a decent signal of both AM and FM. I know that most will say you need a roof-mounted antenna etc. but I'm not willing to go that far at this point. What's the best indoors option?

I have a 75 ohm FM jack as well as the GND & AM slots on my receiver. I'm guessing I can pick up an antenna that fits into the GND/AM slots but this doesn't give me an FM signal? As far as the 75 ohm jack all I could find online was that people use it for the roof-mounted "biggie" antennas - there has to be something less drastic I can put indoors that will give me a decent FM signal?

Thanks for any help
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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