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Need Help w/ HLR 5067WAX 52" TV

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We purchased our Samsung HLR5067 WAX 50” TV about 2.5 years ago. A few months ago, we were watching TV for about 1-2 hrs and all of a sudden a semi-transparent gray bar appeared on the screen; it was probably about 3-4 inches in height and went across the whole width of the TV. The gray bar remained on the screen no matter which mode we change it to. As soon as it happens, we turn the TV off for a few hours, and it usually goes away. This has been happening about every 1-2 weeks now. The gray bar is usually on the top part of the screen, but sometimes it appears in the middle or bottom. Also, while we're watching TV the sound intermittently goes out for a few seconds, and then comes back as if nothing is wrong...

Is anyone else having this problem? Is there an easy fix? Help!

Also, when do we need to replace our Bulb and color wheel?

Any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated!!!
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I just want to welcome you to the forum ...:wave:

I'm sure you'll get some suggestions in a few days everybody is having fun except me, I'm working today :sad:

The only issue I have with my HLS-6767 is that it makes a popping noise from time to time (I read about it and is the heat that contracts the plastic) ...sometimes I get scared, specially if I'm watching a suspense or thriller movie :bigsmile:
:jiggy: lol! well Thank you for the encouragement!
The gray bar sounds like a light tunnel collapsing. This has been very common in Samsung DLPs. I have heard of some consumers getting some manner of accomodation on the repair from Samsung. You need to get your local Samsung Authorized servicer to evaluate it. Verify beforehand that they are familiar with the light tunnel problem and see what they know about any warranty accomodation that Samsung might be providing. Once you get an estimate, call Samsung customer relations and see what you can get out of them.

The sound problem sounds unrelated. Does it happen on all sources?
Re: Need Help w/ HLR 5067WAX 50" TV

I appreciate the info! As far as the sound problem, it seems to only happen while we're watching cable tv.... We have had several people from our cable tv provider come out to service our connection, but that hasn't resolved the problem...
Alright.... We have a new symptom. It completely freezes up, and the TV is completely unresponsive when this happens, we can't turn the tv on or off, no volume control, no volume, nothing.... Sometimes the picture freezes, while other times it goes black, or turns fuzzy with black and green speckles. When it finally comes back, it only remains responsive for about 30 seconds, and then the freeze happens again.

Does this still sound like the light tunnel?

Thank you in advance for any tips!
That sounds like something else in addition to the light tunnel. First guess would be a digital board, but you need some skilled troubleshooting for that. Get your set to a Samsung servicer.
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