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Need Help with Narrow 7 1/2ft Wide by 15 ft Length Room.

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Hello all, I am so glad I found this website - everyone here seems to be very knowledgeable, certainly more than myself regarding home theaters. I have always wanted a Home Theater and now have the opportunity to create one in a detached room that is limited in space - it's 7 1/2 ft wide and 14 1/2 ft long. Height is TBD. The walls are concrete (this used to be a tool shed/storage room that I do not use).

There are two small windows that will easily be closed so there will be no ambient lighting issues - during the day - it will be pitch black in the room.

Forgive me if any of these questions are dumb, but I'm new to this and want to make the room the best possible theater experience. Here are my questions:

Pretty much a very general question - is this absolutely too narrow? Or do I have hope? Would it feel too cramped considering the questions I am asking below?

1 - Height of Ceiling - The height of the ceiling can be from as low as 7 feet to as high as about 10-12 feet. I have that space so I need to know what would be the best height. I will then have the ceiling installed - it has a roof - it's just kind of open all the way to the top so I can install a ceiling inside of this.

2 - Screen Size - My idea is to have one end of the room have the screen - by my calculations - it looks like it could be between 80-100 inches - using a projector. Is this too large? The bigger the better for me.

3 - Seating - Considering that it is narrow, I was thinking 2 rows of 2 seats towards the opposite end of the screen. I'm thinking smaller type theater seats would be fine for each row - I'm wondering if the first row of seats will be to close to the screen?

4 - Sound - I plan to do the 7.1 surround sound, if I place the back row as close to the back wall as possible, would it be an issue having the rear left/right speakers so close to the back row?

5 - A/C - Since it's detached, I plan on installing a wall mounted AC. I am assuming this must run all the time to keep the temperature comfortable for the equipment correct? Vs. just turning the AC on when I am going to watch a movie? I'm in South Florida - so it is really hot and humid.

I have a million questions, but do not want to overdo my questions with my first thread. I really look forward to hear from anybody that can help me.

Thank you.

Javier -)
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Just add to what was said above as its good advice, you dont want to place the front speakers in the corners (near side walls) as this is very bad for the sound of the speakers. Placing the speakers under or behind the screen is the best option to avoid this.
How far from the side walls should they be? I understand they shouldn't be in the corners, but wonder how far towards the middle.
They should be ideally a min. of 2ft from the side wall. but keep in mind that you require an Acoustically transparent (AT) screen for this to work and the cost is a bit more than a normal screen.
Just enough room that they fit without touching the screen or the back wall. Ideally speakers like space behind them but in some cases its not option. Make sure the speakers are front ported not rear or you will need a good foot of space behind them.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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