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I am new to the forum and new to the diy of subwoofer building. I just bought a new house and I am in the process of finishing the upstairs bonus room for out theater. The room is 26Lx13Wx8H. I have been looking at the different threads for quite sometime and there is a lot of sub choices to pick from. Sub use will be about 50/50 for music and movies. I will prolly find a pro amp to power the sub like the behringer 2500. I was looking at the following sub from audioque and don't know if it would be good or not to use. I do like my music and movies loud at times, that would be a -10 or -15 on the receiver. What are your thoughts on this driver. I called the company and they said a 6cubic ft box would be required but I do not know.

Model HDC318-A
Woofer Size 18"
Fs 31 Hz
Sd 119 M2
Vas 109 Ltr
Cms 54 uM/N
Mmd 457 g
Mms 481 g
BL 24 TM
Qms 3.3
Qes 0.5
Qts 0.464
Sensitivity 1W/1m 89.8 dB
Magnet Diameter 8.7"
Magnet Weight 340 oz
Coil Diameter 3.0"
Coil Length 2.135"
Useable Throw 3.0"
Continuous Power 1000 W
Music Peak Power 2000 W
Mounting Depth
Circle Cutout

If there is anything else I can provide please let me know.

thanks for your help.

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i think DJ with audioque is somehow related to ?? at digital designs which makes very nice car subs. if they haven't changed then both subs are made on the same assembly line. Looking at the specs does it look like a capable , descent driver to other like the re or maelstrom x?
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