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Need help with port length / size based on my enclosure

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I will soon be embarking on my first sub build, and plan to put the enclosure inside a current wall void. The internal box dimensions that I came up with are as follows; 1.16' wide x 3.256' tall x 2.08' deep. This nets 7.9 cu ft for a Dayton rs5390hf. Don't worry about room between studs. I will handle that.

Since this will be "in wall" the driver and port will need to be on the front face. What size and length port do I need to hit 18 Hz?

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To verify, if I want a 7.9 cu ft enclosure, i need to make it with an internal volume of 8.46 cu ft to accomodate for the .22cu ft the driver displaces, and the .343 cu ft of the port, correct?
Will the dayton spa500 take up noticeable internal volume?
That's correct, if you design for 7.9 cu ft that is net volume. Your gross volume then needs to be 7.9+0.22+0.343=8.463 cu ft. Make sure you take into account the thickness of the material, if you only take exterior measurements you'll fall a bit short. Are you planning on any sort of bracing? For a box that large on 500+ watts you are probably going to want some internal bracing to minimize box flex. You also need to take into account the volume of any bracing you are using into your calculations.
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