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Need help with port length / size based on my enclosure

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I will soon be embarking on my first sub build, and plan to put the enclosure inside a current wall void. The internal box dimensions that I came up with are as follows; 1.16' wide x 3.256' tall x 2.08' deep. This nets 7.9 cu ft for a Dayton rs5390hf. Don't worry about room between studs. I will handle that.

Since this will be "in wall" the driver and port will need to be on the front face. What size and length port do I need to hit 18 Hz?

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Why inwall?

If I was only given one spot to put a subwoofr and HAD to use an inwall location I would somehow make it dual opposed. That would cancel out most mechanical vibrations. And a room your size with 8m is going to need a lot more than a single ported 15. Why not just buy as many SI 18HT's as you can afford?
If you take a video we could all see what your talking about. The THX demo has quite a bit of ULF content. Do you have a Hpass on your subwoofer?
Says video is removed or deleted. SO I cant see it. I havent a clue what your Hpass is set at from your AVR. BUT without having a Hpass where it needs to be you could easily damage the driver when listening to the THX scene if at reference or close to it volume.

There is quite a bit of movement pass Xmax for protection but that goes quick below the port tune.
1 - 3 of 81 Posts
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