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Hi all, i have a Pioneer a-205 amplifier, recently i power it up and nothing turn on, after some diggin i found that the primary winding of the transformer is open, i suspect that is the thermal fuse, because the last time was working ok, and the next nothing, no problems of any kind earlier.

The tranformer doesnt have markings of voltage nor amperage, and the only markins are:
A - BEM1 - QHM

I found that the bando part number is CORE BS86-52, and the Pioneer part number is ATS1539, but nothing found on specifications.
The filter caps are rated 6800 uF 50 V (hint of the voltage, probably 25-0-25 V)

I have a schmatic, but i cant read the letters because of quality, the amp is rated at 55+55 W din, any ideas how i can found a reemplacement?

Thanks guys
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