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Steel Surf Studio is looking for independent A/V installers (CEDIA-certified and licensed for commercial work a plus). Looking to avoid using installers who work for A/V retail shops because we need to be able to recommend a variety of equipment that may not be in a particular retailer's stock.

Specifically, looking for the following:

Multi-media installer

That's right, paying work to someone who wants to set up home theatre-type components:
* install receivers and wall-mount speakers
* install jacks and wiring for projector and receiver
* install hanging projector
* install low-voltage lighting
* paint screen with projector screen paint, but no disco ball

Working through a virtual corporation, doing installs across the country. Looking to build a nation-wide list of contacts to work with.

This first install, though, is in the Detroit area.

If you're interested, please contact Kurt at [email protected]
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