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Good day HTS's Experts!
I have DLP Projector Acer H6510BD, 3000 Lumens, 10000:1 Contrast.
I can not decide on painting walls for home theater projector in the living room. Room with one window measures 11'x19 'with 9.5 foot ceilings. Wall for paint on the opposite side of the window and measures 11'x9.5. I want to use the maximum width of the wall, so the size of the screen 16x9 mode is the diagonal of 12 '7 "(but for the design of the room his wife tells him to paint the entire wall, ie 11'x9.5).
Ceilings white, walls light blue. The window with the control light (blinds) looking to the east; sunlight in the room is not so much.
Reading the forum, I am inclined to BW paint mix. In colors of the room suits me paint Dulux 00NN 72/000 (I'm from Russia, represented here mainly of the brands Dulux, mentioning that the forum).
AAA 4101 in Moscow, unfortunately could not find, but can be ordered from Europe.
I wanted to hear your advice or criticism of my choice to cover Screen DIY. Do I need a AAA in my case?
More on painting techniques. What is recommended - with the help of a roller or Hvlp Air Spray Gun? For my size wall, am I right that I have enough 2 liters of paint Dulux and 2 bootles of AAA (4x2 = 8 oz).

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