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I bought a Sharp XR10X Projector for home theatre use. I absolutely love it! I have so many people that ask me about it when they come over to watch a game or movie. I had to replace the bulb about a year and a half ago and was shocked at the prices for a replacement bulb. They have come down somewhat, however, still very expensive.

I was hoping to find someone who could get me into contact with anyone who sells a replacement bulb as it is nearing that time again. I did find one person who does this, however, he could not make the bulb work in this particular model. I have found numerous places that will sell the bulb and casing together, but no one for just the bulb. This model projector is a very popular one and had high ratings in nearly every category. I really do not want to part with it. I have done a lot of research on this and don't see why I can't replace myself.

So, anyone out there have a contact on where I can find just the bulb to this projector? Sharp XR10X Projector.

Thanks for your help!

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Read post #1753 and #1762. He is legitimate and has been selling replacement lamps for years. The bulb you need is $80 plus $5 shipping. His forum name is "ywh" and he is in Canton, China.


If you need heat resistant cement you'll have to find your own source as ywh is not allowed to ship it.

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Thanks for the quick reply Mike.

I tried to use him a few years ago and he was the one I was speaking of that could not help me with that. he said that he had tried but could not get that particular one to work.

The thread/forum numbers you listed, are they from the link to the site that you posted or are they from this site. ASlos, how do you locate the forum/thread numbers?

Thanks again for getting back to me so quickly.
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