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First of all ...Welcome to the forum :wave:

1. With my current room size and setup should I go with a 5.1 or 7.1 and will it make that much of a difference?
Do you have one or two rows of seats??? ...you can start with a 5.1 and add 2 later. My room is 9'x18' and I'm using a 7.1

2. With my room size, should I go with the 10 or 12 inch svs sub? If it came down to picking either the extra 2 speakers or upgrading to the 12" sub which would make a bigger impact?
Probably the 12" sub ... maybe a 10" won't be enough to fill the room with bass, specially if is open to another areas.

3. What AVR would you suggest pairing up with this speaker combination? Ideally around the 500 to 600range.

I'm sure I have more questions but I will start with that for now. I hope I don't sound too noobish but this is all pretty new to me :help: .
Right now the best bang for the back are the Onkyo's, you can start with the 606 or 706 if budget permits; you can also consider Yamaha, Pioneer, Denon, etc.
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