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I just returned from three intensive days of manufacturer training for LG, RCA, Philips, Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, and Hitachi. This concentrated training for electronics technicians was sponsored by the NESDA of Ohio organization, and they deserve kudos for an excellent job. NESDA is the National Electronics Servicing Dealer Association, and the Ohio state affiliate is the group that put this together. It is probably the best training that servicers can get, and a good chance to share ideas and experience with other techs.

Most of the sessions dealt with the new technologies, and mostly with LCD repair. The trend toward board level repair is continuing, and with some of the vendors, many boards are not available. We did learn a lot about the parts that are serviceable, however, and much more about how they work in general. If anyone has any specific questions about one of the brands, I will relate what we learned if it is related to what you want to know. They cover only a few models in most cases, simply because of time constraints, but there was lots of good info.

Sponsors of the event included B&D Electronics, Bursma, Fox, MCM, Hitachi, and Tri-State Module. Hitachi could not actually be there but sent training materials and provided lots of the food.:T Al from B&D (one of the best suppliers of semiconductors and other parts) gave a lecture on capacitors and fuses...never knew that there was so much to know about fuse design.

Thanks to the folks that put on this training. It is rare to find such excellent programs these days.
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