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New Box Build for Magnat XTC-1200

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The spec's for this Sub are now unavailabe. Was wondering if there is anyway of modeling a new box without correrct Driver parameters?. I currently have this driver in a 60 lt 29hz tuned and was wanting to build a different box. Mike P kindly found this link for me for a car application.


I found a sub that was very similar to one I have on Magnat's website.

Qts 0.31
Qes 0.33
Qms 8.00
Vas 81 L
Fs 30 Hz
Xmas 16mm
SPL 90 db
Pe 300 w

Not sure if any of this is relivant as its a different driver.

Any help would be great, Thanks in advance.
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Ill go with the latter, Sell it.
I've been eye off Mach 5 Audio IXL 12"


Should I go with the recommended box size?. Am only running 350 w plate amp.
I found some of the spec's.
The driver is currently in a 60 lt box with Adjustable tuning 19hz to 45 hz with a 260 wrms plate amplifier with 35 hz boost and no rumble filter, the box can be reduced in size. I use it mainly for music and a little HT. Any help to make it as good as it can be. Thanks heaps for your reply.

Fs: 34Hz

Qes: 0,29

Qms: 5,4

Qts: 0,28

Vas: 70l

Re: 3 Ohm

SPL: 93 d
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Im just about to start the new box. I will put a rumble filter on, check out the link. http://www.edesignaudio.com/product_info.php?cPath=2_123&products_id=657
I will build the 85 lt tuned to 25 hz. I have no retraint's on size, so could you help me with an optimum box h.w.d and the correct placement for the driver and port. Will a single 108 mm port with flared end's be enough to limit chuffing?.
Thanks again.
its a jaycar 260 watt. Can be found on Collo's web page. Model No.??
jaycar cat.AA-0501 240w rms into 4 ohm's
Frequency Response 20 to 160 hz
6db Bass boost @35 hz

Does that help. Is 6db boost to much, will it still work in 85lt box.
the xmax for the driver is 15mm
Will start tommorow. Thanks very much.:T
And so it begin's. Went with 18mm mdf

H 815 mm
W 450 mm
D 360 mm

2 x 100mm port's @ 800mm long each, port's will be mounted on the bottom with 4 inch leg's.

working volume 85 lt tuned 25 hz.
Will the port's on the bottom be OK? My current box is the same and seem fine. Or should i front fire them with a bend?
Have started the new box. I made it out of 18mm chip board which is not the smartest think to do but its cheap and strong. Its had a coat of paint, but still needs alittle fill in some spot's. Im trying to get a couple of prices to have it 2 packed gloss black by a panel beater or a kitchen cabinet maker, hopefully less less than $100 should cover it.
Thanks again to Mike P for all your help and cant wait to see how it sounds.

I've tried uploading images but it say's its to large. How do I reduce the size??.

The wait for a panel beater would have been too long, so I rolled some gloss black enamel, its still need another coat of black and 1 of clear but look's pretty good. I will be making a front cover for it soon.
As for the sound its very good, Hit's hard and blend's in well with my other speakers.

Thank's again Mike P for all your help.:T


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It hasn't been a problem that I can tell, if I had put the ports any where else they would have hit the speaker or amp. I didn't want to have bended port's. I've always wanted just a little more bass, but now I just push the Plus button on the sub and its always got enough. It hits hard and is really good for both music and movies so im very happy with it. Im going to hopefully start a new build soon, because I have a Double Garage next to my lounge so I think i will try a LLT.
Nice project! I'm curious if anyone has ever had any problems with mounting ports this close to the edges of their enclosure? I know that it sometimes is a must, but have always read to allow at least a port diameter clearance from the inside port entrance to ANY walls....Again, nice project!

This is interesting, can anyone answer what the effects are.

I have bought 2 elbows to put into the box, which will get the ports off the side of the box, not sure if it will make much of a difference.:huh:
Its been raining in NSW, so I Finally got around to making the front cover and putting the last coat of paint on.

Here are some pic's.

Can I used the mic in my DV7 Laptop if I calibrate it, to post some rew results?


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After the last couple of posts I thought I would put in the angled port's thus giving me 1 port diameter away from any wall. Not sure if it has made a difference or not?

After pulling the sub apart and putting in the new angles I worked out I was a little off from the design, The box is 102.2 lt working volume and tuning is 22 hz, and it sound's great.

Just for an experiment I cut down the original ports and tuned the box to 26 hz. It was still Ok and could drive it much harder, but with movies it rattled my house and doors really bad, not sure why??

Now back to the 22hz tune it dosent rattle the house as bad, Its just good hard hitting bass.

Just for kicks I put on WOTW and the sub play's full power with no troubles.:yay:

Thanks again Mike:hail:
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