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New caps?

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Hey guys! I was donated an older Yamaha avr and was gonna use it in a spare room. (Yep, 5 now).
When I powered it on, it would shut down after a few seconds. I figured out the ysp switch was causing a short issue. I learned that I would just leave it in one position. Normal. The thing is, I can only hear very faint sound with my ear close to the speaker at very close distance. My guess is new caps, but I'm not sure. Also, the display doesn't work. Any ideas?

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Does your trash can work? :D

Lol. Sure, make it easy! Didn't expect that from you! Lol

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I only say that because I have a pile of old electronics that "I could probably get working again"... when I know deep-down that I'm not likely to ever get around to it and they'll just end up getting dumped anyway.

I'd start with trying to re-seat connectors on the off chance that it would help. Displays are tricky because they're usually model-specific and getting replacement parts from manufacturers is close to impossible. As for not getting output, there are any number of electronic components that could cause that problem, but caps would be the easiest to identify. If you can get specs on individual caps, it might be economical to replace them... but unless you have some reason to want that specific Yamaha, my guess is that it will be a lot more trouble than it's worth. (Probably why it was gifted to you in the first place)

What model is it, and how old?
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Thanks DQ
I think it's an av90p.(not right in front of me). Late 90's I think. The caps are easily read and info is easy. The cost and effort will probably not be worth either investment, even with eBays cheap cost of entry. I do have a friend who does service work. I'll pick his brain next week. Or make room in the garbage! I don't have any connection to this particular unit so I will take the Yamaha from my garage and use it where the free one was going to go. It is late fall here, even though we're unusually warm for this time of year. Highs in the 50's... I'll bang on it tomorrow and see what happens. Otherwise, thanks for mirroring what I thought in the first place. There's a reason it was free...

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