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I just built my first home theater subwoofer using a 10" Infinity 1060w driver and a Dayton SA100 sub amp. I used the sub extensively all day yesterday with no problems and it sounded great. However, this morning I turned the system on and the subwoofer did not come on, it stayed in standby. I had it set to auto mode. When I got back there to see what was going on I found that the amp was very hot. It was too hot to touch, and it would not turn on manually either. I quickly unplugged it and let it cool for a couple hours. When it was cool I again plugged it in without the input connected and in the off position. Within a half hour it was again too hot to touch and that was without an input and without even turning it on. I don't believe this is normal, but before I send it back I just wanted to ask if there is anything I could have done wrong.

Thank You
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