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Hi there,

I live here in the UK and am thinking of going down the diy route. I would like some advice as to which drivers and amps are the best to use. I currently own a PB13 which I need a sub that has alot more output and thud in the upper bass range and is much better with music. I also need it to go as low as the PB13 too. I am thinking along the sealed line, maybe a dual 15" or 18" sealed sub.

Budget £1200 ($2000) that would have to include everything subs, amp, wood etc...

Room size: 18 x 17 x 8

Music: I'm a basshead. Bassotronics, house, garage, trance and generally anything bass heavy.

I currently have the PB13 in the corner (pic attached) so I can go to the width and taller if need be.

Ignore the small child, that's my son playing he-man.




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The original Adire Audio Tempest 15" sub is still available in the U.K. at 155.25 each. (VAT included)


2 subs in 9 cu.ft. sealed would give you the upper bass range punch you're looking for and still produce 112+ db at 20 hz with room gain. A quick calculation shows the box size would be 25" wide, 22" deep and 36.5" high. Wired in series for a 8 ohm load the subs would handle 1000 watts with no Hi-Pass filter required.

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Good pull with the Tempest drivers Mike.

That sounds like a great way to go. Those are still good drivers and having dual opposed 15"'s should give a ton of extra headroom in the music range over a single PB13 with it's 13.5" driver and less power. The 15's will ultimately go lower as well, but may still give up a bit to the PB13 in the 15-25hz area.

The other option that I was thinking of suggesting was 4 Peerless XLS 12's placed dual opposed with 2 on each end of the box. These drivers should be readily available in the UK.
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