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Just manually upgraded to 3.5 and I'll give it a test spin, but be aware that 3.5 ISN'T compatible with many add-ons yet, including most of the ones I use!

I've never had to go back a version; I assume it's as simple as just reinstalling 3.0x right?

After using the new FF 3.5 for a bit I don't think I'll need to go back to the older version. FF 3.5 has a built-in zoom control that remembers the zoom level you set for the different sites you go to and zooms both text and graphics. Good Stuff! :T

Of the three video capture add-ons I have only Download Helper works, but it is the one I use the most anyway.

Sites like HTS load their advertisements MUCH more rapidly than before.

I think FF 3.5 is a keeper! :bigsmile: :T :yes:
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