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Home Theater Shack has created a new forum category called "Two Channel Audio | Installation," which can be found in the Forums drop-down menu. Forum sections within the new category include Two Channel Design and Installation and Two Channel System Photos (Finished Rooms Only). Similar to the site's Home Theater Installation | System category, this is new Two Channel section is meant to be a place where members can start threads about their Two Channel systems/rooms and discuss their own system/room designs.

To keep things streamlined, we've moved (and closed) the long-standing Sticky: Two Channel Picture Gallery to the Two Channel System Photos (Finished Rooms Only) thread. If you've posted pictures to the Sticky in the past, head on over to the new forum section and create dedicated threads about your Two Channel Systems (feel free to re-post pictures)!

All Two-Channel systems qualify, including modern systems tied into computers, DACs with active speakers, and small amplifiers with passive speakers. We hope you take a moment to create your own Two Channel system thread!

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