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I'm not sure, but I think I just found the place where you introduce yourself.
If it is, Eureka!

I am too new with computers to know I to send pictures. Anyway I don't take much pictures anymore. I used too quite a lot. So, sorry about that.

Fewwww...I just feel like starting all over, totally fresh.
O.K., I'm a very good guy with vast experience in many matters. This feels strange,
because when I first try to register in the forum, about my background and my likes;
I literally wrote a book about myself. But somehow I couldn't get registered.
I felt so distress, after all the precious time involved.

But now, I will take a different approach by simply saying that I'm very open
about any questions that you may have regarding all related subjects about Audio,
this vast World that we all (almost, unless there are people who lost their hearing
faculties, ouch!... "with great sadness") are related to.
Plus, I'll give my best shot at helping people if I can, and try to found answers to
my own questions. I am convince that I can be of invaluable information in our Hobby.

And it's great to have access to this great resource of people in pursuit of higher
learning and better understanding to ultimately attune at the Best that it can be.

Your's truly,


P.S. Thank you for welcoming me, and from now on, I will give my best of what I got.

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Welcome to the Shack Bob

Enjoy your stay with us.
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