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New from Southern Utah

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Been lurking for a long time. I finally decided to come out into the fresh air.

My research on this and other sites is currently acoustic control and home theater optimization.

Current equipment (still putting it all together):
Stewart Filmscreen Cima Neve 135" 16:9
JVC RS4810 Projector
Integra DHC-80.3 Pre/Pro
Integra DTA-70.1
Speakers: Ascend Acoustic Towers L/R, Horizon center, Sierra-1 Wides, CMB-170SE Surrounds and Rears
Subwoofers: (2) Rythmic F12
Oppo 103
Other: Control4 multiroom controls for audio and video into 9 locations.

Still in the process of finishing the Home Theater/Media Room. Have to finish the painting, hang the screen, determine acoustical treatments and then calibrate the system.

I appreciate the information here and I hope to be able to add a bit to the discussion.
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Welcome and thanks for joining us! Please visit us often.

I love visiting your state:).
Hello from Northern Utah and welcome aboard.
Thanks for the warm welcome.

Yes, Utah is a beautiful state; which is one reason I chose to live here after living in different parts of the US.
We moved from the Salt Lake City area a few years ago after we retired.
Welcome to HTS! :wave:

Very nice equipment list - looking forward to seeing some pictures of your space.

Enjoy your time with us on the forums and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter!
Hi robertss1952..and welcome..
Welcome, how do you like the 80.3?
Welcome, how do you like the 80.3?

So far so good. I traded up my whole system over the past several months after we moved into a new house. Everything is new except an old Sony CD changer that was a flagship model in the late 1980s and still works and sounds great.

I am still in the process of creating the HT/Media Room. Construction is done but we are now doing some additional painting to darken it up. We have been watching movies and TV on a dark brown wall for 3 months as we play with different screen sizes and aspect ratios. It actually looks pretty good even on the dark brown paint. However, I received the fixed wall screen which is a white 1.2 gain Cima Neive which will blast out the white ceiling and light walls. So we are going dark wine on the walls and flat black on the ceiling.

Next will be the screen mounting and then the progression of acoustical treatments; added one at a time with REW measurements to see what it did and what else is needed. This will be a process rather than a project and may extend over some time.

As for the 80.3----I am using a small part of it in the greater scheme of my whole house system. It drives the HT/Media room audio with video being sent from the Oppo 103 to the JVC.
Audyssee (sp) is on quick mode as only a means to use the unit. I have not done a full setup yet but will after we put the room backtogher after the paint. Then I will do a REW scan and start my progressive acoustical treatment plan....add the important stuff first; wall reflection points and corner bass traps.

Once I get the time to do some real listening I will have a better idea of the 80.3. For now, the room is a mess acoustically and so until I get it under the repair plan I have limited my time in there.
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Hello and welcome to HTS. :wave:
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