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New Graph, dip at 200

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This is my latest FR after running audy and MiniDsp. LCR average with subs:

Text Blue White Line Pattern

Anything I can do about the 3 dips, especially the one at 200? what would cause this?

I have 2" panels with a one inch air gap for first reflection points.

bass looks pretty good:

Text Line Slope Pattern Design

Not sure how to interpret the waterfall yet:

Purple Violet Wave Electric blue Pattern
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M&K S-150's across the front and 2x 18" sealed Dayton subs. They are crossed at 80. The S-150's are THX spec'd speakers designed for 80 cross. Audyssey actually wanted to cross them at 70 if I remember correctly which made no sense to me.
Here is L,C,R separated. The green is the center, I must have had the volume turned up a little higher when I took that one. But you can tell they all exhibit the same graph characteristics.

Text Green Pattern Line Plot

yeah, not sure what I can do to smooth that out or if it would matter that much anyway? its kind of a big dip.

Anything note worthy on the waterfall?
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Thanks prerich. Yes, i like them and they are pretty old, from when they still made them in the USA. I would have no idea how to check for a bad cap but all 3 have the same FR when tested separately so I would think its something else causing the dip, or they all have a fault...
Thanks John. I'll try moving the mic around and see where it changes. It's a dedicated theater room so I can't really play around much with the main listening position location (I have two rows of recliners) or the speakers, they're behind an AT screen. Its in my basement, there's padding and carpet down. I'll try and take a picture so you can see the layout.

Audyssey doesn't seem to be able to get the dip out. I might also run it again putting more focus on the MLP.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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