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New Graph, dip at 200

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This is my latest FR after running audy and MiniDsp. LCR average with subs:

Text Blue White Line Pattern

Anything I can do about the 3 dips, especially the one at 200? what would cause this?

I have 2" panels with a one inch air gap for first reflection points.

bass looks pretty good:

Text Line Slope Pattern Design

Not sure how to interpret the waterfall yet:

Purple Violet Wave Electric blue Pattern
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What speakers are you using and what frequency are you using as a crossover point?
M&K S-150's across the front and 2x 18" sealed Dayton subs. They are crossed at 80. The S-150's are THX spec'd speakers designed for 80 cross. Audyssey actually wanted to cross them at 70 if I remember correctly which made no sense to me.
very good speakers!!! How old are they? You may have a defective cap in the crossover.

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Thanks prerich. Yes, i like them and they are pretty old, from when they still made them in the USA. I would have no idea how to check for a bad cap but all 3 have the same FR when tested separately so I would think its something else causing the dip, or they all have a fault...
You're correct!!!! I'm just reaching at straws right now

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1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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