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New Graph, dip at 200

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This is my latest FR after running audy and MiniDsp. LCR average with subs:

Text Blue White Line Pattern

Anything I can do about the 3 dips, especially the one at 200? what would cause this?

I have 2" panels with a one inch air gap for first reflection points.

bass looks pretty good:

Text Line Slope Pattern Design

Not sure how to interpret the waterfall yet:

Purple Violet Wave Electric blue Pattern
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Anything I can do about the 3 dips, especially the one at 200?
You don’t want to “do” anything about a dip based on a graph that’s averaged from measurements from multiple speakers. Better to look at each one individually – the problem might be traceable to a single speaker, and that’s the one you want to “do” something about, not all of them.

However, unless your AVR has manual EQ that will affect that frequency range, probably not much you can do about it.


Not really, it looks okay. I typically don’t concern myself much with them because if they’re bad there isn’t much you can about it short of drastically treating the whole room. The exception would be a mode with extended decay that you can apply parametric EQ to, but you don’t appear to have any of that. :T

1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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