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Hello, all.

Well, I think I have REW figured out (so far) . . .again, at least I think. I have calibrated my soundcard and using a new RS digital SPL meter w/ the appropriate calibration file from here. I know the RS meter isn't accurate past 6KHz(?).

Anyways, here is my first measurement of my mains (monitors; both channels). I will post individual channels shortly.

I am PC audio based w/ USB connectivity. Is there a way to mute the left and right channel in REW? If not, only way I can think of making individual measurements is to disconnect each speaker. (Using a Peachtree Nova. . .integrated amp w/ a built in USB DAC).

I will be integrating a sub and putting up room treatments over the next few weeks. My room isn't ideal, for sure. 11.4' L x 12.1' W x 7.9' H

Any suggestions on where to start? I can do some PC side EQ (via iTunes to Virtual Audio Cable to VSTHost & VSTs to ASIO4ALL to USB out)

Here are the plots:

Response Curve (to 200Hz)

Response Curve (to 20 KHz)


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Is there a way to mute the left and right channel in REW?
Use the Windows mixer balance control. Or just connect REW soundcard to left and right channel separately.

Have a huge dip at 150Hz. What could be causing that?
Cancellation from a reflection or from the other speaker. If the direct signal and a reflected signal arrive at 180 degrees out of phase, they will cancel.


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It’s cancellation caused by reflections from a boundary, or another speaker, or a combination of both. That frequency range is fairly omnidirectional, so usually there are enough reflections from other boundaries to prevent a wholesale cancellation like this. But occasionally “all the stars are in alignment,” as it were. Your best remedy is moving the speakers – a bit further apart or closer together, away from or closer to the wall, etc. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to do the trick.


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