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Hi all,

I'm mostly a stereo listener...call me old school, conservator whatever. I think it's easier to find good listening and speakers positioning suing 2 speakers only; well...2+1 perhaps. :)

Kid's bedroom has 2 x Pioneer S-H520V-QL paired with Pioneer A-209 + APART SUB-A 165 subwoofer, my bedroom has 2x Mackie MR6mk3+MR10Smk3 sub, living room has 2 x CANTON GLE 496 + SVS SB1000 on it's way (looking further to pick it up from courier).

I'm mostly listening to headphones...especially planars; I do like Hifiman HE-560 and FOSTEX T50-RP mk3, especially when paired with BURSON PLAY or with ASUS Essence One + Matrix HPA-3B.

BTW, I',m reading this great forum from some time and really like it, but I did this account only to get the full pics from https://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/speaker-subwoofer-reviews/66069-svs-pb1000-sb1000-subwoofer-review.html, but seems that it's not possible to get them (I thought I need to get an account created to see the pics in full resolution). These are are probably all broken links. :(

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