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Thats Philadelphia! for those who dont know! I just was checking out new theatre sytems to put in to my new aparment. I Do attend The university Of Delaware and just wanted to know hwat i should get Because I will be Having PARTIES and Friends / (Hot girls come over for movie night!) I already have 40" 1080p samsung and a PS3 for games and movie player. SO If you guys HAve any ideas FOr me Just Let me know Price isnt that big of a deal but 1200 is my limit I am willing to spend. SO any Help PLEASE fell free to send any ideas:ponder:
Thanks For letting me join and hope I can someday have my own input and help out a fellow member oneday!

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Welcome and don't be shy..... I definitley could go for a nice Philly cheesteak right now. People here are very helpfull and are alway's eager to help........:wave:
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