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Hey Guys.....Haven't posted here in a while as my DIY screen has served me well for some time now but now we're moving this Friday and have to get the new HT space ready ASAP....BUT...there's a problem.

I simply can't go DIY this time as the screen needs to be retractable. The room we're dedicating to HT has a fireplace that will have a 50" 1080P Plasma over it for day to day use and the screen must drop down in front of it. Throw distance will be 15ft for a Mitsu 1500 with new bulb soffit/ceiling mounted. Good light control as we'll paint the room dark walls, black ceiling and dark carpet. Viewing distance at 14ft. Looking for 100" screen and the convienence of electric as i can build it in for a clean look. Budget is very limited as there's plenty to do and buy in a new home BUT....the HT is taking priority( deathcage match with lots of bloodshed!)

So i've been looking at Accuscreens and Elite as they fit the budget but i'm confused over color. With the good light control and high Lumens i'm thinking white is the better option over grey even with the limited contrast of the 1500. The Cinewhite material looks like the right choice......thoughts? I'd like to get this up and running before Holloween and the case size and wiring options would be nice to know so i can start the framing and wiring. I can go larger on the screen but i don't want to sacrifice PQ.....i've been reading 120" is a good match for the 1500 but........?

I found a good deal on a 4:3 Electic Accuscreens and i don't see why i couldn't simply paint the top portion black to get 16:9. Here's the link


Thanx in advance!

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I have no experience with Accuscreen. I do with Elite though and I will vouch for their product. As for gray or white, I like gray since I generally have a little bit of light on in the room. And I hate washed out blacks.
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