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This thread was posted in another section, but I think this is the best one.
I'm from Italy, sorry for my spoken english :-(
Recently moved to a new home, I'm setting up the room of my audio system (2.0 for now, then 2.1 work is in progress) . It's not a "normal room", as you can see; I bought UMIK-1 mic and studied REW but everything is new therefore I need a little big help :-(

Loudspeakers (distances from center of woofer): from side wall 65 cm., from back wall (Tube Traps) 170 cm., from listening position and between loudspeakers 220 cm.(equilateral triangle) .
I experimented a number of different solutions, the following I think should be .... the best one. There are two peaks at 45 and 100Hz, an attenuation at 300Hz. What is your opinion about this plot? Do you need other plots? any suggestions?

Turntable Audiomeca J1, loudspeakers ESS AMT 330, subwoofer (not operating, yet) Velodyne DD12+


ultima.jpg pianta.jpg DSC_0684.JPG
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