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Well it was $65 for brokerage, $54 for duty and $110 for taxes. Not too bad at all. I swapped the drivers tonight and put them through their paces. They really do eat up my ep2500's lol I'm getting an average of 2 db's less at same volume but I can turn them up quite a bit higher that the mach 5's could. So after givin' them the business, I'm looking at 4 db's more @ 20hz than the mach 5's were giving me. I'm very happy. I'll take pics tomorrow :)

Now I can't wait to get the mach 5's into some 4 cube boxes and let the BASSment loose on the neighborhood.
Four dB more @ 20Hz.... that should be about right.

Take some pics!

Kevin Haskins
Exodus Audio
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