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I regestered on this site after i read someone saying "we all in this together". That's whats up. Every picturei saw gave me a vision of what i wanna seee,here one day. To get to the goods im currently remoldling my living paint/floor/funiture/ in which all will be complete this Sat. Im beating myself up with some additions to my tv (vizio50") and dvd player.

I need help with finding these items:

Dvd player
On wall speakers (3)
wire covers -tv will be mounted cant find here in florida

Money is not a issue but im not trying to knock down the walls like i seen in some of the photos. Im going with wall speakers now being i have twins that are crawling now i will upgrade later. U guys stay doing what u do on this site i love it already and i know thers some help .

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Welcome to Home Theater Shack!

Howdy flo rida and welcome to the Shack!

We are glad to have ya on board... :T



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Welcome to the Shack Derrick! What part of Florida? What flavor football fan? Gator, Sem, Hurricane, Bull, Knight, Owl, Dolphin, Bucs, Jag, other?
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