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Hi I live in Nashville, TN, USA. I don't have a HT system (yet!). But I am in the process of educating myself before investing in one. I did however help a friend finally set up his HT consisting of a Sony LCD TV, H-K receiver and Infinity speakers. We spent over two days reorganizing his room and fooling around with speaker placement. The last part of the system set up was having my friend buy a Radio Shack sound level meter to properly set up his speakers. However, I was not there when he did that as I had to head back home, but the end result was that I got hooked on home theatre!

I recently bought a set of powered Audioengine A5 speakers and I wish to measure the output of the speakers to compare the right from the left speaker. The software I found for measurement of frequency response for the Mac was Fuzzmeasure, but the license would set me back $150. I thought it was overkill for something I did not think I would use too often. I then heard and read about REW being a free alternative to Fuzzmeasure. I joined this forum so that I could download and evaluate the software.

First of all, congratulations on the software as well as the documentation! I am still in the process of educating myself by reading about microphones, calibration, USB preamps with phantom power, etc. But it has been all fun so far.

Cheers all!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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