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Hi there everyone.
Thought I would try your site out. Found it through google. I just bought a new pioneer audio/video Multi Channel Receiver VSX-515K (6.1 Surround sound). I can't find anywhere how to hook up my equalizer, tape deck, CD player, DVD player. Haven't decided whether to hook up TV to it or not.
About my self. I have lived in Washington all my life. And have web feet (lol). Deb

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Hello and welcome aboard!

All new receivers dont have a "tape loop" required for your equalizer hookup. this is because almost all of the signal path inside the receiver is now digital and your eq is not. The only way to hook up an EQ now a days is if you have an external amplifier.
To hook up your tape deck cd Player etc you just need to follow the instructions in the manual and is clearly labled on the rear of the receiver.
If you post this question in this location you will get all the help you need.
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