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New member - old hand at 2 channel but starting to think more AV

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I have a nice 2 channel hifi - more on that later but not so advanced AV system... Yet.

I've already downloaded the Behringer ECN8000 mic generic cal files from here - great resource.

I will have a look around and learn.
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I'll post up a description and a few pics of the 2 channel once I've hit 5 posts...
You can go to the post padding thread, do the required posts and start adding pics. :TT

Welcome to the Forum. Have fun. Dennis
Hi Steve and welcome..
Thanks all. Very welcoming.

I've put some pics and write ups on my 5 way horn 2 channel system so far and a bit about anti-mode sub correction.
The Behringer ECN8000 cal file (bob's), I got from here, and doing the cal with my phantom power / pre looped really worked nicely. Great resource.
Glad you could join us, Steve!
Hello and Welcome to HTS.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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