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NEW Premium Series 18" Driver - SoundSplinter Unleashes the Beast!

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Our newest product - the RL-p18 - joins the ranks of two of the most affordable, versatile, low-
distortion, high-excursion woofers in our Premium Series line of low-frequency transducers. Known
for their flexibility in accommodating a variety of home and car audio applications in sealed, vented,
and infinite baffle alignments, the RL-p18 steps up with its massive displacement advantage, linear
output, and absolutely stellar value.

Featuring a triple-stacked 215 ounce magnet structure, vented six-spoke cast aluminum basket, 3 inch
voicecoil, aluminum shorting ring, dual 8.5" spiders with woven leadwires to eliminate tinsel-slap while
allowing for long linear throw capability, a new tall-roll NBR rubber surround to increase effective cone
area while accommodating high excursions, and our signature rigid black anodized spun aluminum cone,
including laser etched logo and complimentary rubber gasket and magnet boot - this is one **** of a
massive driver which retains its practicality comin' at ya for around $400!

Now, for the first looks... :hyper:

T/S Parameters for the RL-p18 Dual 4 Ohm
(Dual 2 to be released at a later date - approximately 8 weeks)
  • Qts - 0.493
  • Qes - 0.554
  • Qms - 4.500
  • Fs - 21.5 Hz
  • Re - 6.26 Ohm
  • Le - 4.341 mH
  • Vas - 276 L
  • Mms - 373g
  • Cms - 137.7 um/N
  • BL - 24.25 T*m
  • Sd - 0.1188 m^2
  • Xmax - 27.4 mm
  • Sensitivity - 89.25 dB @ 1W

Listing public at an incredibly solid $420 for a single RL-p18!
Snag two or more and pocket cash at an incredible $390 per unit!

As with our RL-p15, this big brother 18 will excel in both car and home audio applications.

Sealed alignments should range from 4 cu ft to infinity (with a Q ~ 0.5, infinite baffle for the win!).

Lending itself in strong style to the vented alignment, consider 4 - 7 cu ft net volume in the car audio
environment, with a tuning frequency near 27 - 30 Hz. For those of you in the home, try not to break
any windows when pluggin' this bad boy into a 13 cu ft net volume enclosure @ 18 Hz. :boxer:

Need to feel it deeper in the gut? Think size matters? For those who seek the cleanest, lowest of lows,
where your brain won't hear it all but your bones will sure feel it.. snap up those single Hertz signals by
strappin' this bulldog into an IB and brace yourself for something fierce! :yikes:

Power recommendations:
  • Sealed: Recommended 900 watts RMS (500 - 1200 watts RMS acceptable).
  • Vented: Recommended 800 watts RMS (400 - 1000 watts RMS acceptable).
  • Infinite Baffle / Dipole: Recommended 350 watts RMS (250 - 500 watts RMS acceptable).
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Laser Etched logo looks good.
(I never thought I'd ever be one to say that).

I can't wait until someone tries these in an LLT and an IB.

I wonder what the setup would be with an LLT? Where's Stevecallas?
VERY nice :T I'll admit I was pretty worried that it would be geared too much for small sealed, but those parameters work very nicely in a LLT design. It looks great as a drop in for the Avalanche 18 design, 650 effective liters, 8" port, 13-14hz tuning, with 600-1000 watts. A slightly smaller 550 effective liter, 15hz tuned option looks nice too. Just a year and a half ago there was basically nothing to choose from but the RL-p15 or some Dayton drivers for quality subs for a long stretch of time, now there are two low cost, quality 18" drivers available. I wonder which one has less distorion? :scratchhead: Good thing I don't have to choose :neener:
Almost forgot to mention!! :sn:

:island: As a special offer to all forum goers..
  • :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: Order within the next 24 hours* and pay only $[offer expired] :raped: :banana:

*Orders accepted through PRIVATE MESSAGE from registered forum members only.
Special rate expires at 10:37pm Pacific time on March 8th, 2007.
^^^ Irresistible for me! I'll bite. :surrender:
It's so beautiful...:crying:

Congrats on getting it out! I'm sure it's a lot of work to get a new product ready, and I hope it continues to be worth it for you. I know a lot of people are enjoying bass in a way that they wouldn't be able without your company, and we all appreciate the effort you go to. Thanks for keeping in touch with the forums, and for looking out for the DIYers.
Totally wicked!
Hopefully someone from the cult will bite as well!
"A thing of beauty is a joy for ever." :daydream:
Totally wicked!
Hopefully someone from the cult will bite as well!
They should. This driver really looks ideal for IB use. :bigsmile:
<holding ears and closing eyes>

lalalalalalalalala ... I can't hear you ... lalalalalalalala

****. Didn't work. I want a pair of these for an IB. I wonder how fast I could sell my sealed RL-P15.
My wifes not gonna like this one. She didn't care for the RLP-15 i just got. How am i gonna explain this one??
Her- And where do you think your going to put that speaker dear?
me- Probably in the dog house sweetheart.

Put me down for one:help:
i would bite but i have to run numbers and i cant get any software to work because i am a computer moron . i was going to run 2 rlp 15 LLT. but i really wanted if q 18's but they take too much air space.now these got my hopes up .i would like to run down to 10 hz but i bet the air space will be to much .you guys should put your drivers in a program on the site that makes it easy for people to play with the numbers etc . (just a thought)

Now why did you have to go and do that. I might have to cut a bigger hole in my ceiling now.
But you said your going to put that 20 inch water heater in the living room...And now you want to put a 24 inch one in there as well??
Yea but you will be able to take longer baths now honey....Yea that's gonna fly. Hehehe.
Tell her she should be grateful that you have a hobby in the real world instead of wasting hours in the virtual one. :nerd:

If she doesn't buy that tell her its really a SoundSplinter magic shield and you need a chainmail vest knitted pronto as you have a major battle coming up with the ogres. :1eye:

Then go outside with a stick and start sword fencing frantically with the nearest bushes. :dumbcrazy:

She will beg you to come indoors and graciously accept water heaters of almost any dimensions as long as you don't embarrass her in front of the neighbours. :surrender:

Well, it's a plan. :D
:drool: :drool: :drool: nice sub:clap: !!!!.............:ponder: my IB with four 18s:yikes:
^^^ Irresistible for me! I'll bite. :surrender:
It arrived today safe and sound!

But it is very big! :holycow:

compared to my old Tumult 15" in its unfinished two 18" PR box. The amp shown is a Mackie M1400 pro amp.
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So we have a new project forthcoming... :T
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