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Hi All

I recently upgraded my system from a Yamaha V663 to Pioneer Elite SC-95.

The current application is a 5:1 configuration for watching on an LG TV. For positional awareness let's say when I'm sitting on the couch facing north. While watching on the TV, I utilize 5:1 configuration. I also have a ceiling mounted projector to the same source in the same room pointing west with two additional speakers on either side of the screen.

With my old receiver, i was able to flip to stereo mode then switch speaker output to channel B. All audio would switch from the 5.1 configuration to the two wall mounted speakers on either side of the projector screen. I did not have to change source or swap any wires, simply push a button.

I can't figure out if or how the pioneer can match this setting.

The source is an HTPC with HDMI wires going directly either display; the TV and the Projector --I don't use the AV receiver for video. Audio is provided by an optical audio cable to the SC95. I use Windows to switch between the two outputs. ie I press the Window key and "P" to toggle video out between devices

It's setup this way because it's a multipurpose room and for WAF. We can still watch TV using the TV speakers and not powering on the receiver during normal TV watching. When we want to watch movies with the full experiecne, we power on the receiver and crank it up.

The speaker configuration is as follows:

Main L/R - Polk RTia 7's -biamped
Center - Polk CSia 6
Rears - Polk RM101
Sub - SVS SB13 Ultra

Projector L/R- Polk Atrium 4's

I've included an crude bmp for reference.

Thanks in advance


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