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New start high resolution files

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Hey guys, I am trying to get into downloading flac files from hd tracks and getting the correct bit rate to my receiver. My receiver is a yamaha 1030 that can play flac files. I downloaded the j river media center to my imac and set the dlna server up in the player . Than I used the server option on my receiver to stream music from the j river player to my receiver with gizmo(remote for j river for android). Will the dac inside my receiver play these files correctly or should i get something like a audio engine d2? which is a wireless dac, where a transmitter connects to my imac and a receiver that is connected to my yamaha via rca? The yamaha has a es9006 sabre dac and the audio engine wireless has a burr - brown pcm1792 dac. I'm not sure if the dlna server is even sending the right bit rate to my receiver . I ripped a cd to j river as a flac file and it played clearly , but can I do better? Thanks .
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Hey robbo, the receiver does support flac. But, I was wondering if this is the same as having a audio engine d2 connected to my imac streaming the files from the j river media player. Didn't know if using the dlna server downgraded the file before it reached the receiver.
I haven't played with dlna or DAC's so I cannot answer that. Hopefully someone else will chime in.
The right settings in JRMC should prevent any resampling or other change to the data going to your DAC. Have you changed any jRiver settings?
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