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Hi guys. I found the forum and love it.
I'm new to all this stuff but i have a bit of knowledge. Im a student of the age of 15 and have a job. What i want to know is what are the basic stuff needed for a home theatre room. eg amp, preamp etc.. and how much it would cost me. I started thinking about this when i went to my mates house and we went in the pool room. Its only a small room with a projector a reciever and a speakers with a sub.

I like my bass. So that would be one of the main things. Id be playing music and movies mainly and sometimes games on the ps3. So what're the basic things i need and what are some good cheapish speakers with a sub that i can get for under $400? I live in Australia btw


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Welcome to HomeTheaterShack.
What you are going to need is a AV Receiver which decodes the signals from your PS3 and provides amplification and speakers.

Being that you are in Australia, I am not sure what speakers or HTIB (Home Theater In a Box) are available in your price range. You might also want to look locally in your Newspaper Classifieds or A/V Stores in your area for used gear given you budget. Hopefully, a fellow Australian will chime in and provide some local expertise.
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