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Lots of great info on the site
and for a newbie a little overwhelming.

Working on a HT system for 30% video/70% audio.
Rock / jazz on the music. Looking for a warm full sound
across the spectrum if possible.

Living room is the place, 28' X 14' X8'.

Denon 4308, Yamaha 3900 and Onkyo NR906 for A/V receiver.

Is Denon too bright?

Onkyo too hot?

Yamaha going to hold up?

Ease of use for web access, streaming audio files from PS3,Net Radio
and Netflix are a consideration.

Considering Aperion Intimus 5T Hybrid HD
Monitor Audio ( Silver line) speakers / 5.1 setup

Leaning towards the silvers but I can send the Aperions back if
I don't like.

PS3 for blue ray / and audio CD storage.

Samsung LN-52A750.

Suggestions, thoughts; comments appreciated:



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Welcome jeepster57.

On the receiver question, the "will the Yamaha hold up" is curious to me. After servicing receivers and having sold and serviced all three lines over the last three decades, the Yamaha is the consistent winner in terms of both holding up and service support.

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That's what I was looking for. Thanks.

So do Denon and Onkyo hold up equally well?
Hope we don't have a bru ha ha here.

Why would I pay extra for a Denon with no THX cert
versus Onkyo and Yamaha with essentially all the same bells and whistles.


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