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Hi, I just bought a brand new Behringer EPX2000 from parts express. The problem is that when I plug in the RCA into the behringer unit, I notice that my receiver inherits a strange higher-pitched, almost sounds kind of a dead radio station, but very faint. it sounds like some poppy static, the sound is dynamic and its audible at about half volume and on.

the thing is, the amp doesnt even have to be on, but it does have to be plugged in, and the RCA has to be plugged in for me to hear the sound on my receiver. the second i plug the RCA's in, i hear the sound. If i disconnect the power cord from the amp, the sound goes away.

I dont think this is majorly affecting my system right now, and my XLR cables are on the way. I have purchased this amp, a behringer dcx2496, and a samson s-convert.. the dcx2496 and s-convert arent in use yet so i'm worried how it will effect the noise once these are added in the loop.

please help me fix this problem.. a part of me wishes i would have just bought a BASH plate amplifier or something ..
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