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Newbie in Denver CO

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Howdy! I stumbled on this site looking for info/reviews on the JBL L series speakers. thanks to all the photos of amazing (and some really budget minded) HTs I've totally got the bug....my bank acct thanks you all. LOL

My current set up is:

ViewSonic PJ406 projector- bought a couple years ago and has around 495hrs (used in Economy Mode)
PS3 and HP computer with HD-DVD and BluRay player along with Media Center LOVE the digital outs.
Harman Kardon AVR146-yeah it's cheap, but seems to work very well. :)
JBL LC1 center channel-fairly deep box, kinda want the LC2 now so its more flush with the wall...
JBL L830 Left & Right mains-very nice sound, nice to look at (cherry), puts out perfect bass..for me.
JBL L810 Surrounds-Actually used these as the mains for a couple weeks and they sound surprisingly good with the LC1. NOTE: I've just upgraded from computer surround sound speakers so bare with me.

I live in a small apartment (living room is 12x14), so no sub for me.:no: I may be switching the L810s for another set of L830s shortly as music is 70% of what I use them for. I plan on picking up a 42" plasma within the next month....brother is upgrading so I get the hand-me-down :yay2:

thanks to everyone's photos I plan on doing as much to my living room as possible to make it HT-ish. I'll post photos as I go.

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Welcome to Home Theater Shack!

Howdy DENphotog and welcome to the Shack!

Looking forward to seeing you around often... :T


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Hi Carl, Welcome aboard!

Enjoy your stay with us at the Shack.
thanks everybody! I'm I'll be lurking around looking for answers to all the questions the newb's usually ask. LOL
Welcome to the forum ...:wave:

I'm also a JBL owner, I own JBl Stadiums (2 pairs as fronts), JBL SCenterII and two pairs of JBL S36II as surrounds.:yes:

I read a lot of good things about the JBL L series :T.
Hi Carl from a fellow JBL-er (I use the original Studio S series).
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