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I'm just here for the music... :)

Actually, I'm a recording studio owner in central NC, who's been at a studio build far too long... but hopefully I'm FINALLY in the short rows and should be getting final inspections and my CO within the next few weeks.

I originally joined, looking for Room EQ Wizard, but that's not the ONLY reason...

We have a very unique property here, and I'm looking for assistance in building a small outdoor "home theater", so my clients can have a unique setting in which to unwind and relax... as well as enjoy such things as sporting events and special programming.

I think it will be a fun, but challenging project.

But the fun won't stop there, I can assure you...

TheBoss© (my wife) is also wanting a small home theater set up in our basement so she can totally immerse herself in her favorite horror flicks and chick flicks. (I'm actually starting to learn some of the lines from Jane Austin and Little Women.... ooof!)

I know a lot of the acoustics and soundproofing techniques that it takes to build a nice sounding room. So, I hope my experience there will be a "tradeable" commodity for getting up to speed on the home theater side of the equation.

I look forward to getting to know some of the folks here.

Dr. Bob
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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