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I tried using REW without a sound card on both MAC and PC. Going straight into the 2.5 mm/headphone connectors. Not sure it's working correctly. The measurements are fairly smooth up to about 800hz and then it gets wildly choppy.

Wanting to measure a 2 channel system.

I have a Radio Shack SPL meter but am completely baffled on how to use this in conjunction w the mic (or is it supposed to be used in place of a mic??). Using a Dayton Audio UMM-6 USB mic w corresponding calibration file. This software is way over my head but I'm still trying. I just want to get a few decent measurements to understand what I'm dealing with.

Would love to find someone to do a TeamViewer/Skype session and take a quick measurement and try to learn a few basics. Anyway, in the meantime...

Looking for the cheapest used sound card that will can give me "decent" results. From reading the forum, it looks like PC is the way to go... so a PC compatible sound card (??).

Thanks for your help.

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First, welcome to the Forum!

Since you have the USB mic you don’t need an external sound card. Without seeing one of your graphs myself I can only guess at what you’re seeing, but the “wildly choppy” stuff above 800 Hz is probably comb filtering caused by reflections in the room, so it’s perfectly normal.

The only purpose the SPL meter serves is to calibrate REW’s SPL levels, so that the dB markings on the frequency response graphs are meaningful.

If you want to post some graphs we’ll be happy to take a look and let you know if you’re getting valid measurements.

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