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Newbie- which eq to select ?

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I have a friend visiting from interstate, he's trying to help out with REW etc and limited time so I apologise for not having read through the mountains of info trying to find the answer

I have a Yamaha RXA 3070 receiver so using its inbuilt eq- it has parametric eq with 7 bands- from memory +6db to -12db adjustment possible. Which eq in the software do I select to create the most appropriate eq filters? And I'm confused by the options available in target and filter tasks. Currently using generic and it typically creates 6 adjustments and leaves extras blank

Also the REW only seems to create filters for sub 700hz - is this the only frequency range adjustments necessary to improve listening experience ?

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As you can see here, different equalizers don’t calculate bandwidth the same. So you can try REW’s Generic setting, but it’ll be hit or miss. Really, with equalizers REW doesn’t support it’s best to use the RTA feature.

REW’s auto EQ feature is based on room modes that it detects. There are no room modes above 700 Hz. EQ above that range must be done manually.

Ok thanks very much. Is it fair to assume many people will use inbuilt receiver eq and maybe have an additional eq setting in the program to suit a couple popular brands?
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