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I think we are discussing this on another forum, but the answer is no.

All the adjustments regarding gains on the DCX happen after the A/D conversion.

From what you have said elsewhere you have done a test and are unable to get the input gain LEDs above -20. How did you do the test?

I'm assuming you switched off the power amp and simply turned up the prepro to maximum volume and observed the LEDs? What input signal did you use? I'd suggest trying full range pink noise to remove the source as the culprit. There are test discs that have this, but it is easier to use an RTA program like TrueRta (www.trueaudio.com). The basic program is free, if limited, but all you need is the pink generator.

Set your prepro to the highest possible xover, although I think the Panny only has one. Speaking of which, how have you done the Panny speaker setup? If set to small it automatically crosses at 120ish (from memory). If to large you will only get the LFE output. But it may not do bass management properly and this could be your culprit.

To check the bass management, try this: Instead of feeding the DCX the LFE output, feed it the left or right front output. Set it up as two channels only, no sub and mains Large. In other words a full range signal.

Then play the pink noise, or indeed another loud signal, with the Panny volume at maximum. IMPORTANT: power amp off.

If the DCX is still getting a low signal, go into the Speaker Level menu and turn the mains to the maximum and try again. If this fails you are basically stuffed. The Panny just doesn't have the juice.

If this test does get you a fuller signal, I'd try turning up the subwoofer level, or the LFE level when you go back to your normal setup.

When I do this test, I can clip the input gains on my DCX with the XLR outputs at 0dB or so and the RCAs at a few more more.

Mind you, given you are only using the DCX for the sub, the A/D bitrate is probably not a huge issue. The advantage (if any) of 24 bit is in the high end, not the low. Even at -20dB the DCX should be coasting along when converting the signal.

Try a simple bypass test.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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