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I have the DCX driving A500 power amps in balanced mode from a Pioneer 816 receiver and it works fine.

Yes, the input gain on the DCX is digital and AFTER the ADC. However the input voltages required are much lower than posted by hddummy above and readily achieved by most consumer receivers (I think). Certainly my el cheapo Pioneer receiver has no problems driving the pro-level inputs to full volume.

Actually I have mixed pro and consumer amplifiers and they play together nicely. I just turn down the (digital) gain on the more sensitive amps.

The DCX can be controlled from the front panel or via free PC software. The PC software will run without a DCX so is great for learning how to use the DCX.

The microphone input/auto delay feature is easily fooled so I don't use it. As for using the DCX as a microphone pre-amplifier outputting to REW...I've never tried it but the PC software would show if the necessary internal links are possible. The DCX itself doesn't measure room response.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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