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The DCX seems to have analog input gain blocks and analog output gain blocks. The unit's noise floor clearly decreases as you reduce the output gains. And the input gains would seemingly have no way to prevent clipping when reducing attenuation if you exceed the input capacity of the ADC stages. If it is digitally attenuated, it's superbly executed and acts exactly like an analog equivalent in all practical situations. Regardless, if you have a clean consumer level signal, it will boost it, no problem. I have never had to use a converters when feeding A DCX unbalanced consumer lines. At the very most, a ground loop isolation transformer may be needed in some rare cases.

I can barely get the input LED's on the side of the DCX registering -20. This going from my Panasonic XR55 LFE out into using a monoprice RCA out to XLR cable.

Are you saying as you boost the input gain the LED's reflect this input gain adjustment?

So do you boost the input or output gain? And is there an advantage to each?
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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